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    iphone 4 disable ios6 any solution

    iphone 4 disable ios6 any solution
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    possible to downgrade ios7 to ios6 iphone4 ?

    Its possible to downgrade ios7 to ios6 iphone4 ?
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    X-SIM v4.18 Released for FIDO Canada and T-mobile Germany Iphone4s iOS6 2013 Update X-SIM 4.18 released

    X-SIM 4.18 released -T-mobile Germany 4s Supported -minor fix for 2G card support Austria ,Telenor Serbia carrier simcard supported and more.. X-SIM 4.17 released -More 2G and 3G+ SIM card supported -Stk Menu Fix in some 4s cariers X-sim 4.16ph Released -Fido Canada iOS6 Now...
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    Download iOS-6 Released For very New iPad's[iPad2,5 | iPad3,4 only],iTunes in Nov

    Today Apple Has released firmware version 6.0 for recently released new iPad's. 6.0 (iPad Mini WiFi) 6.0 (iPad 4 WiFi) 6.0.0 (iPad Mini WiFi): iPad2,5_6.0_10A406_Restore.ipsw 6.0.0 (iPad 4 WiFi): iPad3,4_6.0_10A406_Restore.ipsw Apple Delays New iTunes Until November Apple...
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    Factory unlocked iPhone 3gs ios6 activation solution 100%

    Download redsn0w_win_0.9.13dev4 (Google around) Do a controlled shutdown of your iPhone (“slide to power off”). Open redsn0w and then click extra,select ipsw for ios 6, Go back then select Jailbreak Check only the ‘Downgrade from iPad baseband’ When done, your iPhone will reboot itself Put...
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    X-SIM v4.0.4 Released for Iphone4s iOS6

    What's new *This version support manual input the IMSI. *No Sim Bugs Fixed from 4.0.0 updating to 4.0.3 In beta 3 X-SIM will use the new smart IMSI input method after you input the correct IMSI X-SIM will remember it until you change new SIM card. if there is any problem you just need...
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    New Method! iOS6 // JAILBREAK // Tethered //

    this is not my work ... i found it on hf thank,s to Frictional.. who posted it on hf orignal post link xxxxxxx Hi guys today we'll **** some **** up yay. Okay first of all install : iOS6 ipsw: Nothing found for Download-ios-6 Ect-links And redsn0w newest version: Google Accounts Very...
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    X-SIM rev 4.0.0 BOMB Release - iOS6 supported! Worlds First

    Dear X-SIM users, We're proud to announce that X-SIM rev4.0.0 is released. What's new: 1) Full support for T-Mobile Germany iPhone 4S added(FULL AUTO - Plug&Play, iOS6 supported as well) !!!WORLDS FIRST!!! * Just insert X-SIM and wait signal comes 2) 'New Era' algo inside( FULL AUTO -...