1. I

    i max mx-600 read flash file fail.....

    when i try to read flash file its shows Detection initiated... Vcc: null Gnd: 5 Analyzing D+ and D-... D+ = 3, D- = 2 Analyzing USB device, please wait... Find USB device:SCI USB2Serial (COM55), (VID_1782&PID_4D00) Internal version: SPRD3 Boot downloaded. >>Start boot...
  2. H

    need maximus max 902 flash file

    need maximus max902 urgent, please help
  3. J

    Maximus max 903 Many Pattern Reset Google account Done

    Maximus Max 903 Google account Done Power off the Phone press Volume Down +Power Button. screen show Download mood then touch Home key. screen show android System Recovery Utility select option wipe data/Factory reset select with Volume key. then touch menu key and flow screen information...
  4. PC Zone

    Micro max q3 read & format success

    Micro max q3 read & format success
  5. PC Zone

    micro max X505 NAND read and format with scorpion

    micro max X505 NAND read and format with scorpion
  6. G

    X-FBUS II have more more more jigs now,max 24!!!

  7. M

    15/09/2010 CycloneBox SL3 Max 48 Hours Ready!!

    Hi, our servers and system is upgraded now. Queue is opened, however with some limited amount of slots. After successfull phone upload maximum turnaround is 48 hours, usually may be after 5 minutes or so like this. When all slots are busy, you will get message about this. Just keep tryin'...