1. Gsm.Alert™

    Change of DELOK dongle for Multi-BOX

    As it was mentioned few months ago support for Delok dongles (Philips, Maxon, Sendo) was stopped because of two reasons: - dongle was cracked - technology of the dongle is too old (5 years old). Since "Delok research lab." is the main worldwide distributor of company "Multi-box team"...
  2. A

    Multi-Box – New Chinese cocktail v.9.5 repair IMEI in INDIA

    New Chinese cocktail tool v.9.5 released Added possibily to repair IMEI problems in chinese phones in India in just a one click. New functions will be very helpfull and allow you to make your phone working in Inida very fast and without any problems. New models support added: 6120c, A5808...