1. Gogarbug

    Nktel C3000 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU Flash File by ...:::nerobdms:::...

    Nktel_C3000 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU spiderman cpf_box Supported
  2. Gogarbug

    Nokia 3110c Easy Mic Jumper 1000% Worked by nerobdms

    Many member suffering for the "low voice" of 3110c mic Jumper. I made a easy solution of this problem. If anyone has this problem,,,,,pls apply this solution & post the result. Enjoy it............
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    Nktel A200 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU Flash File by nerobdms

    Nktel_A200 SPD SC6600L (Spreadtrum) CPU 2 torch light, 2sim Download
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    New Green_M909_2Sim_ Flash file by nerobdms

    File name: MTK_ROMINFO_v04M909_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00.M909V10_ 08_12_V1_0T04D091120.BIN Spiderman & CPF Box supported
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    3110c Charging solution Final*by nerobdms

    3110c Charging solution All as different view* Try Step by step
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    7610 keypad Solution Final_by nerobdms

    7610 keypad Solution Final 1st follow 7610_keypad_1 7610 keyboard ic ways 7610 keyboard Plate ways 7610 keypad jumper
  7. Gogarbug

    N95 insert simcard Final* solution by nerobdms

    1st check it 2nd follow it not ok then re-ball AVILMA IC.