1. feizal


    hello im muslim filipino technician from philippines i will great my brothers muslim here asalamo alaikom.
  2. N

    Newbie here

    Hello, I'm very glad to join Dhaka Mobile Community, Am I welcome?
  3. S

    greetings from a newbie

    Hello!! I'm Surendra Upreti from Nepal.
  4. B

    Another newbie

    Just a little post to introduce myself. Site found via google whilst lookng for a USB driver, loads of useful info found. Great site
  5. C

    Newbie Here

    how is everyone doing? just here saying hi to everyone
  6. O

    Newbie from Spain

    Hi there, I am a Spanish girl who would like to find here a community where to share information about our mobile phones. See you!!
  7. V

    Newbie here =]

    how is everyone doing? just here saying hi to everyoney tfgfffdfdg
  8. G

    h? to all newbie here

    h/ to all i want to change my user name here old GSMshan new ..::GSMshan::..
  9. C

    newbie welcome

    pa welcome po sa bagong tirahan........................
  10. V

    newbie from samuel eto'o country

    hi i'm a cameroonian and i'm very glad to be a member of this community
  11. M

    Newbie from philippines

    hope im welcome here....thanks
  12. T

    hi im newbie

    hi to all i hope i am welcome here..... from phillippines :)
  13. J

    hi im a newbie from phillippines

    good afternoon to all im a newbie i think welcome me here..zdxc
  14. P newbie................

    hello everybody im new here i hope im welcome here..........tnx from phillippines.......pepz20 zdxc
  15. A

    newbie here from phillipines.....

    hi to all specially admins,mods and the staff im newbie here from phillipines hope im welcomedscxdrdc
  16. M

    newbie new member

    Hi friends, I am new user here.I am very happy to join this community dscxdrdcdscxdrdc
  17. G

    newbie from zambo.sur

    newbie from zambo.sur i'm gilbert banez shop owner/ technician thank you and GOD BLESS
  18. B

    newbie from the philippines

    hello everyone bangiz newbie here from the philippine im so proad to be part of this great forum hope that everyone welcome me here thanks in advance to all specially to admin and all the staff
  19. S

    Newbie Hope I'am welcome Here

    Newbie Hope I'am welcome Here More Power BR, soulrapper
  20. B


    Hi guys new member from indonesia , i hope i'm welcome to this forum! more power to all member.......