1. R

    Nokia 301 charging problems solution

    More info
  2. K

    SERVER STATUS - USE Panel V - Upgrade/Installation/Support Server Problems

    Post all your Upgrade/Installation/Support Server Problem Here.!! HWK Upgrade Server Status:- Online HWK Support Server Status:- Online Note:- Posts which Contains HWK HID Number will be Deleted/Suspended/Blocked on Server without any Notice. Do not post your HWK HID in any Forum. Do...
  3. J

    samsung wave 2 gt s8530 light problems

    Hi, dear admin and fellows, my problem is a samsung wave2 s8530 light, this device was water damage,after cleaning ev'rything ok but light,if could help me getting light ic ie,where available or equivalent.... thank
  4. P

    HELP! Problems with S5610

    I've a problem with my Samsung GT-S5610. I had a problem where I couldn't send SMS (now I know it was a temporary problem of the server of my provider, argh). Not being a real genius myself I thought 'well, maybe reverting back to the factory settings could help'. So all I did was a factory...
  5. B

    spice m 9600 imei rebuild problems, please help

    spice m 9600 imei rebuild problems
  6. B

    spice m 9600 imei rebuild problems

    spice m 9600 imei rebuild problems, please help
  7. nuruzzamanvai

    Resolve GREEN LIGHT Problems AdvanceBox

    The issue is also before the green light to FTDI's drivers may be caused. Your problem is hardware or software to detect whether? Symptoms of a software problem: 1. ATF ATF's box will not be detected by the software. 2. Version of the driver in Device Manager, "2007" "2006" and indicates ...
  8. M

    How to fix SMS and 3G problems on SPRINT iPhone 4S/5 with Universal PATCH

    Universal PATCH to fix SMS Out-going and 3G problems with iPhone 4S & 5 SPRINT/Verizon/Japan SB/AU all CDMA iPhones all versions till latest iOS7 B1 This PATCH does NOT required Jailbreak, Very easy to install with a cable and easy to use when fixing SMS and 3G problems in iPhone...
  9. V

    navifirmplus_1.7 Without problems 100%

    navifirmplus_1.7 Without problems 100% Download :
  10. D

    All Asha 306 Problems Repairing Solutions Tips and Tricks By Dipankor-ctg

    Asha 305, Asha 306 Battery Connector Ways Jumpers BR Dipankor-ctg
  11. Shuvo007

    iPhone 4 proximity sensor problems [SOLUTION]

    Guys, there are 2 issues: 1. A brand new LCD replacement that bought from whoever (Like a Chinese supplier etc): I experienced mostly white color LCD's that the Sensor did not work with the LCD's replacement parts. 2. Sensor - After replacing sensor flex (Same flex for Power button) - the...
  12. M

    help samsung s3310i Battery charger beeping Problems

    samsung s3310i Battery charger beeping Problems help me its very urgent sir
  13. R

    iPhone 3G Electrostatic Dissipation Components That Make Problems

    A bunch of people are afraid to remove this components i advice them to not think much refer to this picture.
  14. R

    iPhone 4 Battery Problems Solution

    If you have BB problem,fake charging,restart when charging or charge complete after put cable make this.
  15. R

    Asansam Dongle HelpDesk Post Your Problems - With logos

    Asansam Dongle HelpDesk Post Your Problems(With logs)
  16. P

    ..::Get ALL SonyEriccson Problems I Solved In Only 2 hours::..

    Hi Dhakamobilebd All Member I m Gonna Start a New thread can post ur All Sonyericcson phone's Problem Like Hardware and Software Lets Make This Thread Help Other Members Also Br, ...:::Ma Telecom:::...
  17. M

    IQ Doctor Box <<< Problems and Solutions >>> [Video]

    Initializing... DA_LIB_VER_3.2.2.7 It is sensing the pinout fast,please hold on the phone Power key RXD=6 TXD=7 Connecting...Please hold on the POWER key until the red gauge is going... BB:6253, HardwareVer:8A00, SoftwareVer:8A02 Loading boot... INT_SYSRAM_BOOT test completed. Nor Flash...
  18. M

    Dragon School<<< Problems and Solutions >>>

  19. R

    Post here activation string problems ufs3 and hwk..

    HELLO Post here if u have a problem in your hwk or ufs3 activation string problem we will solve yours problems :) BR_Rajesh
  20. R

    post yours iphones software problems ..

    Any iphone 2g,3g,3gs,4g unlock and software problem just request here !!! I am try to solved your problem !!! BR_Rajesh