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    HTCDongle 1.07: Tattoo _ Click Flasher added !!

    Some hot updates coming in the next couple of weeks! As you might have noticed we are still running on Beta Version... Do not worry we have a lot of more models ready and will be added to our unlocker... We just need to test them one by one before adding! Thans again for Supporting us...
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    ORT Tool V1.25 - HTC Tattoo ECC Type and more inside - [11 Sep 2010]

    ORT - JTAG UPDATE [11 SEP 2010] Description : ORT Tool V1.25 Release Notes: HTC Tattoo ECC Type Added Operation Manual : Make Proper Connections"HTC Tattoo JTAG Pinouts" Power on Device Click SCAN Select ECC Type "Tattoo" Select Repair File Click Repair Done. Released...