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    25-07-13 : Jini Box v1.06 Update Released

    Jini-Box v1.06 Update Released (25th July 2013) MTK: Added MT6250 with new flash ID support SpreadTrum: Added new flash ID support CoolSand: New font support added MStar: New flash ID's support added Setup is ready to download in support area: Jini Box More & more updates soon...
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    need flash file of onida v106 mtk 6233

    need flash file of onida v106 mtk 6233
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    need flash file of onida v106 mtk 6233

    need flash file of onida v106 mtk 6233
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    SigmaKey Software v1.06.01 & SigmaKey v1.06 released.Unlock code calculator added!

    Dear Users, Please welcome SigmaKey Software v1.06.01 and SigmaKey Firmware v1.06 With this update we've implemented following features and made some improvements to the main software: Added Unlock Code Calculation* for the following MTK-based models: Alcatel: Crystal (KR01) / ELLE...
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    Arrow ORT-JTAG - Toshiba TG01 Unlock and ORT Plus V1.06

    ORT - JTAG UPDATE [01 DEC 2010] Description : Toshiba TG01 Unlock (via Unlocked EFS) ORT Plus V1.06 What's Unlocked EFS? EFS Area readed out from unlocked phone ! What's New in ORT Plus V1.06 ? MSM6246 CPU ID [0x401200E1] Released Stuffs : Toshiba TG01 Unlocked EFS Dump...
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    20/09/10 : UCT v1.06 Released - MTK 6268, New Boot, SPD Unlock Improved, More........

    --------========= UCT_ET_China_Tool_v1.06.exe =========----------- New features: MTK CPU: MT6268 supported MT6268 is readonly in Tracker & NV editor Added Format/Nor UID Decryption to IntRAM In IntRAM Boot, Auto decrypt UID when read fullflash was done. Added new ExtractFile...