1. nuruzzamanvai

    c2-03 keypad 7,8,9,and volume up not working solution

    try this jumper Press thanks button...
  2. M

    iPhone 4s No MP3 Sound & Volume up /Down

    See Image ( MP3 No volume selector ) Ang may sala charging Flex. After change charging Flex , play music Viola May Volume selector na. Done Set. This solution applicable sa 3Gs / ip4 / 4S
  3. M

    k530i volume key solution

    k530i volume key solution
  4. sakib-al-hasan

    Nokia 6275, 6275i volume up, volume down

    Nokia 6275, 6275i volume up, volume down
  5. J

    N73 low earpiece volume

    i have nokia n73 and it have low earpiece volume i change the earpiece and put the volume at max , but the problem remain with the low volume any help please