1. A

    LG e2230b keypad not worked

    please help keyboard LG e2230b does not function
  2. G

    Samsung E2510 power button not worked

    Samsung E2510 power button not worked, when i press pw button then just pic a puls.
  3. S

    China RDA 6231 6232 PA jumper 100% worked

    China RDA 6231 6232 network ic jumper
  4. PC Zone

    Nokia X6-00 Pin Out 100% worked

  5. P

    Unlock For iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Is Being Worked On

    If you’re one of those thousands of people who are locked on iOS 5′s baseband firmware 4.11.08 then you can take a sigh of relief. Famous baseband hacker Sherif Hashim updated about his work on iPhone 4′s locked baseband firmwares which also include iPhone 4’s baseband 4.11.08.
  6. G

    All spreadtrum cpu headphone solution 100% worked

    All spreadtrum cpu auto headphone solution 1st connect 1 ware with battery+, then on handset with power supply. 2nd touch battery+ ware with headphone or usb port connections one by one and follow with display, that's is final solution for headphone when headphone icon...
  7. Gogarbug

    Nokia 3110c Easy Mic Jumper 1000% Worked by nerobdms

    Many member suffering for the "low voice" of 3110c mic Jumper. I made a easy solution of this problem. If anyone has this problem,,,,,pls apply this solution & post the result. Enjoy it............