All-metallic version of Galaxy S5 might launch in May under the Galaxy F moniker

Product Supporter
Feb 21, 2013


Samsung at the Mobile World Congress earlier this week, but there was no mention of an all-metallic variant of the device. Earlier rumors suggested that the device would launch alongside the standard handset, and that it would feature a QHD screen and overall better hardware. However, that wasn’t the case as there was just one version of the Galaxy S5 that was ultimately unveiled. But recent rumors out of Korea coming from Samsung executives who were in closed-room meetings at the MWC suggest that the premium version of the Galaxy S5 is still on the cards, with the device likely to herald a new line of high-end devices under the Galaxy F moniker.
Dubbed Project F, the all-metallic version of the Galaxy S5 is said to feature premium materials and better hardware to the standard Galaxy S5. It might even launch with the rumoured 64-bit Exynos Infinity SoC that was set to debut at the MWC. Other features allegedly offered by this device include optical image stabilization, a feature that is missing in the standard Galaxy S5. Samsung is also said to offer the Galaxy S5 at a much lower price point to what it offered the Galaxy S4 at launch. If the manufacturer does indeed manage to do so, the move would further reinforce the future availability of a higher-end version of the Galaxy S5. All this is still a rumor at this stage, so take the information with the obligatory grain of salt.