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Sep 1, 2010


Cell Phone Backup Software News : Verizon Wireless said Wednesday it is offering backup software for phone numbers and other information stored on cell phones. Specifically, the company said it was offering Backup Assistant, which was developed by FusionOne. The software enables users to back up the information to a centralized location. The information can be recovered in the event of the loss or theft of the phone or if the customer buys a new phone. Many mobile phone subscribers have invested a lot of time typing contact names and numbers into their phones that's part of what makes losing a phone so stressful, Jim Straight, vice president of wireless data and multimedia for Verizon Wireless, said in a statement. The service and software is available to Verizon customers who use the operator's Get It Now service and use specific phones, including the LG VX6000, the company said. The service costs $1.99 a month.

Backup Contacts 1.10 S60 SymbianOS.freeware Transfer all or some of your contacts =||Phonebook||= with all details intact from your Series 60 device to another Series 60 device via bluetooth (BT) or to a standard vcf file and exchange vcf files between 2 Series 60 devices running the backup contacts app. VCF files can also be imported by any PIM app supporting the VCF format. You can also send a vcf file from any device (PC, PDA) to the Series 60 device running the backup contacts app. To send vcf files from a Series 60 device to another device not running the backup contacts app you will need a file transfer utility on your Series 60 device (Series 60 default file manager or Fexplorer). This app solves the problem of accurately transferring contacts between 2 Series 60 devices. See the help file for full details


* Mobile device with one of supported operating systems (Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, Linux)
* PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

This is a program best could manage your multimedia card like MMC,R S-MMC,SD,SM,CF and so on.
Main menus:
1. Backup Dump your card into an Image with compress like ghost.
2. Restore Restore your image back to the card. But all the data in your card would be lost.
3. Format So simple, format your card, do not worry after format your Mobilephone could not read the card.
4. Diskcopy Copy one card from another, the two card could be not the same size.
5. Refresh Refresh all the removeable drive in your computer.
6. Best Perform Make your card into best perform mode, increase speed, still underconstruction.

Sms Exporter is a utility freeware that allows to overturn all SMS and MMS of the tray from entrance to a text file. This file is stored in the memory card (E:\sms - messages-date.utf8.txt) or in C drive: if wedo not have capacity or card, being able later to send it with someexplorer to our PC. Once made the export, the program also allows to erase all the messages This is a small utility that allows one to export and/or delete all the short messages in the Inbox and Sent folders of one's Series 60 phone

The Cool MMS is a fun-exciting and versatile, template-driven MMS composer for Symbian Series 60 phones, which takes the creation and sending of MMS messages to the next level, By using Cool MMS you can create impressive MMS's for just about any occasion.

Main Features :
Multi-page MMS messages
Template-based with endless themes
Real Time Preview allows viewing of the changes as they occur
Minimum Storage as saved messages do not embed message content
Message Planner allows planning of the outgoing messages as a reminder
Incorporation of contacts allows users to include the recipients contact details in messages. Useful for sending invitations
MMS Size Compatibility uses compression to allow users to set the maximum MMS size to ensure compatibility with the network and recipients phone
Includes 13 Cool MMS Templates
Template download feature. Additional templates can be browsed and downloaded from any Cool MMS Template server

Main Feautures :
Wireless Central Coll MMS and be Add setting dialog to set delivery report, unicode, blink sms, signature and Remember four recently used recipients.
-Signature:some Flash SMSs are anonymous,so you can add your signature if you want.
-Send Blinking Flash SMS, wap push SMS.
-Support unicode.
-Send the SMS to multi-user whose numbers are seperate with ";".
-Call the phone's phone book to select the contacts.
-Add the CoolSMS+ to phone's Messages menu, it is easy to use.
-Remember the the phone's number, next time it will be loaded automaticly.