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Oct 31, 2011


Hi to all
New Cyclone Box Installer, Firmware, Bootloader, is ready!
Most important changes:
Installer v1.07


- New FBUS Loaders v10.18.00 introduced (new protocol, for RAPIDO,RAPU,ST,etc)
- New FBUS Lodaers v10.16.00 introduced (old protocol, for RAPv3)
- Added support for Infineon X-Gold phones flashing. Phones supported: 1661 RH-111, RH-125, etc.
- XGold: Support for dead phones flashing
- XGold: Support for cross flash (we have tested 1616 flashing with 1800 firmware and seems works. Anyway YOU are responsible for any damages. Make sure PM is being backed-up before cross-flash. You also can't flash phones with difrent platform (i.e. RH111 <> RH125). Too diffrent CPU, LCD...,etc...)
- XGold: Supports bauds 115200,230400,460800,921600
- XGold: You don't need to know which phone is UPP or Infineon based. Just select model and Cyclone will detect it automaticly - wil select corect falshing method.
- XGold: Supports for changing phone PPM/CNT or/and MCU
- XGold: Support for latest 2010 PBL/EBL Loaders
- Added "Flash Language Only" checkbox for DCT4/XGold mobiles. Use only if MCU version installed in phone matches PPM/CNT version which going to be flashed.
- Cyclone Clip Diagnostic module added. This is used for testing additional Cyclone Hardware (Clip).
- Clip Module Added into Main Firmware. This is used only with "Cyclone Clip" hardware. Clip Features:
- Clip: Can unlock any DCT4+ phone within 2 secs (without PC)
- Clip: Can repair Contact Service (if caused by damaged simlock)
- Clip: Can Rebuild Simlock Area
- Clip: Can reset security code of most DCT4/BB5 phones
- Clip: Can reset security code bad attempts counter of most DCT4/BB5 phones
- Clip: 100% Safe, fast and easy to use
- You need have Clip Hardware to use Clip Funcionality. Clip is very simple hardware attached together with batery to Diagnostic Port (and box could be used as clip without PC). We will update clip later for other funcionality.
- New Secure Bootloader Agent v3.00 Released
- Added Dead Boot Recovery mode (in case to do "Boot Recovery" (just in case) smartcard MUST be removed to launch Recovery Mode!)
- New Secure Bootloader v2.12 have been released
- Bootloader: Added Clip Detection
- Bootloader: Fixed floating (blinking) "VBAT" port
- Bootloader: Added support for some new types of smartcard
- Bootloader: Improved startup time
- Bootloader: Improved security
- Bootloader: Minor changes and bugfixes
- Added new messages to NCK Phone Respond parsing (added "Too fast between tries" and "Not locked on given locklevel")
- The +4/5/6/7 BB5 NCK passwords are now calculated correctly (memory leak during code calculation)
- Message "This will consume XX credits" removed while taking DCT4 RPL as long as they are free .
- Blackberry IMEI Check fixed
- Added "Skip CMT ID Check" for some BB5 phones (if you are trying to flash alien files or NMP made some mistake during building FIASCO images)
- Added Warning confirmation before Writing Alien SD Keys
- Error while RSA unlocking DCT4 phones fixed (Error 0x02). Error have occured when used bad cable.
- Main Firmware v01.41 Released
- Box HW Rev A11E Added
- Minor changes and bugfixes

How to run "Clip Mode"?
1. Attach Clip Adapter to box "Diagnostic Port"
2. Connect Clip Adapter "USB" cable to box USB Input
3. Connect 9V battery to Clip Adapter
4. Connect phone to "Service Port"
How to use "Clip Mode"?

Once Clip Mode is run, you need use S1 Button to change it's mode.
Default clip mode is:
RED (slowly blinking) - read phone info via FBUS
other modes you can select pressing S1 button:
GREEN - Unlock/Repair simlock
BLUE - reset securitycode/sec.code attempts

Once correct mode is assigned, you need push S2 button. Needed action will be taken, and GREEEN (success) or RED(failed) led will blink fast afterall. Clip will be ready to service next phone/select other mode/etc.
Maybe some movie, how to use it?
Where to get clip hardware?
You can ask any of Cyclone Box distributor/reseller.
Hardware is relative cheap - 15 usd (end-user price).
We will update clip soon with other functions.
It's first official Cyclone Addon.
Keep note it is CYCLONE ADDON, and same Clip Adaptor - it's just adaptor and still Cyclone Box is needed to work!

Where from download?

Please don't forget to upgrade box using new EXE file. New firmware v01.41 is needed to run latest Application.
Best Regards,