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May 24, 2022


There is nothing more relaxing than laying on the couch while listening to your favorite music on Spotify. While singing along with your favorite song, you’re excited to sing the best part but suddenly your music stops. You got disappointed seeing your Spotify crashes after trying to relaunch it.

Having this kind of issue frustrates a lot of Spotify users without knowing the exact reason why it occurred. So, before we conclude that our devices are broken, we got to know first the reasons why Spotify's error occurs and see the possible solutions that can .

Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Crashing

We listed some factors that might cause the Spotify app to keep on crashing while running on an Android phone. It is very important to know these factors so that we can avoid them next time we run an app like Spotify on our Android devices.

  • Too many applications running on your device at the same time.
  • Spotify is outdated.
  • Too much app data/cache.
  • The device software is not properly installed.

These are the factors that cause your Spotify app to keep crashing on your Android devices.

Solutions to Fix Spotify Keeps Crashing

Here, we listed effective solutions that will fix Spotify keeps crashing.

#1. Restart Spotify App - When you restart an app, everything that’s in the app is cleared out, including errors caused by a bug. Restarting refreshes the app itself, so basically, the app is cleaned and you are starting with a fresh state.

#2. Force Stop Spotify - The same with restarting, it refreshes the state of the app. So when an error occurred on your app like Spotify, all you have to do is to force stop the app.

#3. Update Spotify Version - Another factor why Spotify keeps on crashing is the outdated issue or the version of your Spotify is old. You need to update to the latest version to fix the issue…..
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