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Feb 21, 2013



Beware from aka
Parash, this guy is an advanced level cheater. He working at as Super Moderator.

Name: Md Mijanor Rahman Parash, from Kishoreganj, Bangladesh
Gsm Hosting ID: Parash
Gsm Hosting ID: DirectSource+
Gsm Hosting ID: GSM EUROPE
Gsm Hosting ID: GSM CHINA
Whatsapp: +8801736336655
Whatsapp: +60163333142
Telegram: 01736336655
Skype: ouka.acha
Skype: Parashsky

His other domains

He is basically a big thief, fraud. He got a section named (AdminUnlocker team (DirectSource+) in by fooling zfrank administrator of Gsm Hosting and continue the unlocking business using that's fully illegal. zfrank, ..::Neo::.. also knows this matter that he is Parash but i don't understand what's the interest with Parash, Parash has big power than zfrank or zfrank getting a percentage from Parash or zkrank allowed to him to doing scam?

Why Parash can't do unlocking business, reasons below.
He is a Gsm Hosting staff (Super Moderator) and the Gsm Hsoting moderators rules are any moderators can't do unlocking business because staff won't be allowed to use the Gsm Hosting for personal use. However, currently Gsm Hosting have 30+ paid sections which are worth €2000 euro per each section/year. Which means €60,000 euro/year (approx). So, Gsmhosting admins allowed this kind frauds and involved fraudulent with peoples who buying section in

Basically what's doing Parash in Gsm Hosting?
Very simple, he access users control panel and tracking if the users is real or fake or tracking users ips and filtering if the users belong with or promoting users emails.

Hereby, Gsmhosting admins are involved with this subject as well as we proved. However, they are not taking action because admins are know they are also cheating by this policy.

So who is Parash? This guy belonged in Dhaka Mobile, look here How to: Unlock your iPhone with SAM [Temporary]

Here is a reference of some proof of fraud activities:

See more details ➡

Buy Section - [Fraud Alert] Think thousands time before buy
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Beware scam team of
Beware scam team of

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