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Jul 25, 2014


For what reason will you want to delete all the contents on your iPhone? You may want to sell it on eBay, trade it through a store, give it to your friend, or donate it to charity. Whatever the situation is, clearing up all the data stored on the device is necessary, as you won't like your SMS, photos, contacts, notes, accounts information and any other personal data seen by others. Thus, how can you erase your iPhone data completely and permanently?

Some may use the iPhone factory resetting to delete all existed data, but actually, it doesn't help at all. The data is just encrypted and can be restored easily through some recovery apps. The effective way to erase all the data permanently is to use a reliable third-party data eraser program. is exactly what you need in this case. With only one click, your iPhone will return to a "clear slate" state, and no one can recover the whole data, even professional recovery facility. Check it out how to wipe off all data on the iPhone forever in the following easy steps.

How to Erase all iPhone Data Permanently?

• Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the Computer
• Step 2: Choose to Erase all Data on Device
• Step 3: Clear up all Data with a Security Standard
• Step 4: Get your "New" iPhone