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Jul 25, 2014


I'm unable to delete songs from my iPhone 4. I tried to do it by un-checking the song in iTunes then performing a sync with phone. I thought that would remove the song but it did not work.
Am I not doing this correctly? Any more ideas?

Are you worrying about the same thing as the enquirer? If so, what would you do?
If you need to delete some songs from your iPhone to free up space on your device, or if you have a song that keeps coming up on shuffle, to which you no longer want to listen, then you will inevitably find the need to delete a song.

As a regular iTunes user, you are aware of the duplicate contents as well as songs in your iTunes playlist. When user delete his song from iTunes playlist library, it might be possible that the data having been deleted are recoverable and can be recovered with iPhone Data Recovery later. You need to delete them permanently and totally.

is well known for its thoroughness of deleting iPhone Data, so to speak, once you use it to delete your music, all these music are no longer be recoverable and your iPhone is lightened of data.

How to Delete Music from iPhone

Step 1.Connect your iPhone to computer
Step 2.Choose the right option on your device
Step 3.Delete photos on your iPhone