How to Find All Your Photos on Windows 7/10


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May 24, 2022


Are you a hoarder of photos who doesn’t know how to organize them by dates, types, or photo size? Then it would be a hassle for you if you’re in a rush and you need some of the photos that are saved on your computer. Searching for a specific photo is difficult when you just saved it without knowing the location - there are many different files along the way.

If you are having trouble finding your photo, then this is the perfect place for you. Here, we will discuss .
Where Do Photos Go?
Now, you may wonder where did the import or download photos go on your PC? If you import photos from your digital cameras, the default file location is the “pictures folder”. File locations for saving photos can be set - you can change the location of your saved photos in your preferred folder. By changing the location, you can easily find all the photos you saved from your computer. If there are instances that you can’t locate the saved photos, then try the methods below.

Photo App - It is a photo library feature available on Windows 10/8. If you save/import or download photos on your PC whether Windows 10 or 8, the photo library collects all the photos. You can use the search bar of the taskbar to locate the feature. Just open it and you will see all your saved photos there.

Search Manually by File Name - If you know the file name of the specific photo that you are searching for, then this method will work. On your file explorer, click “This PC”. From there you can see the search bar in the upper-right corner - type the file name of the photo and enter.
Restore from the Recycle Bin - If you can’t still find the photos on the above methods, maybe the picture that you’re searching for is accidentally deleted or somebody deletes it. Then you can go to the “Recycle bin” feature and see all deleted files there. If you find the photo, just click the file and click the “restore” option to restore the specific picture.
Third-Party App (echoshare Data Recovery) - There are instances where some of the files got deleted and we can still restore them after we find them in the recycle bin. But, what if you wipe out all the contents in your recycle bin? Is it possible to recover deleted photos? Well, of course! With a reliable recovery tool like the echoshare Data Recovery, you can recover any type of file including photos. And if you want to learn more, then click .
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