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Jul 25, 2014


I pre-ordered an iPod, and when it gets to my house I want to put all of the music that I have on my iPad onto the iPod. I have all of the songs on my iPad as mp3's, so I can just look for all of the songs that I want on my iPod on our computers one at a time, but I'm wondering if there's a faster way to just copy my songs on my iPad onto the iPod? I also don't want to install iTunes onto my computer to do it.

As known, the hardware of iPad is more powerful than iPod, but iPad is too big for us to bring it everywhere. Sometimes iPod is enough for us if all you need is just some pieces of music. But the music you purchased on iPad is not easy to transfer to iPod. At that moment, you will need a professional transfer – TunesGo.

TunesGo provides a new way to copy music between two different iOS devices. By its help, you can transfer music from iPad to iPod without losing any data of it. Just two steps and a few clicks, you can easily get your music well transferred to any iOS devices. Read and follow the guide below.

TunesGo – your best music manager on iOS

Step 1 Connect the phone and pad to the computer
Step 2 Transfer music from iPad to iPod

Tutorial: How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPod

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