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Nov 29, 2011


Non-donors will be happy to know that in this release, they can use some basic features of NaviFirm+ without needed to login

These are the NaviFirm+ features available to Non-donors:
- insert a Product Code to check the latest available release in Nokia Care Suite server
- download the latest available release from Nokia Care Suite server
- add some Product Code to the Favourite list to be notified when a new software release is available in Nokia Care Suite server

- New: Search in Nokia Care Suite feature (available to non-donors too).
You can now insert a Product Code in the textbox to search for it in Nokia Care Suite Server
Non-donors that were using Nokia Care Suite Tool to search for new firmware versions, can totally replace it with NaviFirm+
- Improved: the Favourite Product Codes feature has been opened to the non-donors too.
- Improved: minor GUI changes
- Fixed: some issues in the auto-update features (delay for the app-restart was too short)

& *Required