Product Manager
Product Manager
Oct 24, 2011


VolcanoBox Word's 1st
Working As you Ultimate Force Download Mode Clip !!

Watch the video for reference

How to do ?

Open volcano box
Click on detect tab
Drag & Drop REA to your Desire pin A
Drag & Drop REB to your Desire Pin B
Select Your Desire Resistance Value
Click on Set pinout

You are ready !!


...Reasons you must need Volcanobox for force download mode clip...

Some phones after repair not able to come into download mode with normal ways
or cause of any problem not able to come into download mode with normal ways
or volume up or down buttons or Menu button not working so it will not comes into download mode
or any other reason mobile not comes into download mode

for those type of phones you have to need Download mode Special Clip. Many phones use different type of clips. it's really hard to find resistance in market. so now you don't need to worry if you have Volcanobox you can do it easily. for this you must have pinouts and Resistance value which you need to be put on different pins. for putting mobile into download mode you have to short 2 pins with different resistance for example if you want to short pin number 3 and 5 with 500K resistance just drag & drop REA to pin number 3 and drag & drop REB to pin number 5. right after you drop REB software will ask you for Select resistance value simply write 500 and click on ok. then click on set pinout. now you have pin number 3 and 5 short together with 500K resistance. For example i have I9100 phone with volum keys damaged and i have to flash it. what i did is i open volcanobox click on detect tab then i drag & drop REA to pin number 4 and REB to pin number 5 and after this i select 300 and click on ok. after this i click on set pinout. now i have clip with short with 300K resistance pin number 4 to 5. Your volcanobox is now ultimate force Download mode clip... just you have to insert battery and insert volcanobox cable in your mobile and wait for 2 sec your phone will be in Download mode.