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Nov 29, 2011


What's new

*This version support manual input the IMSI.
*No Sim Bugs Fixed from 4.0.0 updating to 4.0.3

In beta 3 X-SIM will use the new smart IMSI input method after you input the correct IMSI X-SIM will remember it until you change new SIM card.

if there is any problem you just need to change your sim card once x-sim detects you've change the sim it will prompt to input the new IMSI .

more intelligent

It support two different modes to unlock your iPhone ,when you insert X-SIM it will start to iDentify iphone carrier type then get the network automatically ,if it can not recognise the phone then will prompt to enter the IMSI.

Please ask your reseller to get the latest update

Tested Orange Spain With Globe Phillipines Sim

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